Dear Fabio Massimo Ulivieri, a troublesome setback is not allowing me to attend the inauguration of your exhibition. I wish to let you have some words, those that I would have told you orally. In contemporary art there has been a real pursuit of aesthetic originality by means of a mere research of new languages.

There has been of course a series of very important results followed by an imitating proliferation of signs, materials, inventions which were merely parasite. Therefore I decided that to any art experience I would ask tha basic question about its capability of truth.

Since the beginning your figurative choice was looking for this difficult path with sensitivity and measure in composition. In the last few years your research has been showing originality of sign and mature aesthetic value. It is a vision painting and through your compositions we learn to identify an icon able to condense the essence of the “thing” with a masterly play of colour tones.

The vision synthetizes the image in its spatial dimension and goes deeply with all its shades, inviting to perceive a soul that is hidden inside the material thing. The architecture – I am talking of the Resurrection of the Cathedral – concentrates in an essential vision and the image of memory has the strength (thanks to its own masterly lightness) to become the icon of a sense.

The “Resurrection” has therefore the same dimension of truth. In the research of the Ca’ Granda I think there is a spatial partition which acquires meaning by the nature of the “thing” and therefore it shows the capability to interpret and translate it into a peculiar style.

Your art experience is mature and authentic and I am deeply grateful to you for it, together with many other appreciators.