The contemporary Italian painter tells an illustrious history about Milan and Venice, using a mnemonic filter, in which the physicity of the subjects disappears, becoming metaphysical essentiality.

Ulivieri’s art works thus become subject of metaphysical meditation.  

The pictorial minimalism is expression of a representation of the reality, deprived from all redundant elements, reduced to the essential minimum up to fragments of the elements that are able to evoke an emotive interpretation, in order to create a virtual and personal vision.

Some works of the artist of Milan


From the religious whiteness of the “Cathedral of Milan” (Duomo) to the typical facades in Lombard style of the “Ca’ Granda of Milan” (the hospital of the middle age of Milan, today a University location). And from the symbolic paintings of the Sforzesco Castle to the abstracted imagine of the Last Supper (of Leonardo da Vinci). All these stylized representations synthesise his stylistic process.


Publications about the painter’s work

"Ulivieri, born in 1956 in Milan where he lives and works, may be considered among the most important artists of his generation, being part of such avant-guarde trend that I already defined symbolic figurative sense. His unconscious preference for the Milanese themes (Milan Myths) coincides with his blood archetypes, with his being Milanese." - Pedro Fiori, Milan, March 2006.

"This painting technique, with a spatula or a brush, stretched out on the support, uses soft pastel colours, the chromatic nuances of dreams, destined to bring to life in the minds of the spectators, called to be part of the artistic work, to provoke the "resurrection" of the monuments invoked. The titles come from here: Resurrection of the Castle, Resurrection of the Cathedral, etc.. In this way Ulivieri realized a miracle of memory, art and faith". - Aldo Maria Pero, September 2019.




The Symbolicum Artistic Group

Co-founder of the Symbolicum Artistic Group, the artist from Milan has realised many personal exhibitions and has participated in many national and international exhibitions. Ulivieri is considered between the most relevant artists of his generation in the contemporary and symbolic painting environment.